International Sales/Marketing Lead

You’ll work for the Centre of Excellence (CoE): a European Bechtle team that focuses on the development of propositions, targeted at a specific horizontal or vertical market. The Centre of Excellence originates from the strategic choice of Bechtle IT E-Commerce to raise the profile of our 24 European locations as solution sellers. A team will be formed, consisting of the European Propositions Manager, the Technical Propositions Advisor and you as International Propositions Sales/Marketing Lead. You’ll work closely together, aiming to develop, continuously improve and successfully deploy new propositions in the 14 countries in which Bechtle is active.

The first proposition you’ll be involved in revolves around modern meetings. In future, your role may be supplemented with other verticals or horizontals. In order to achieve this, each location will have a local ambassador who supports sales colleagues in the case of questions emerging from the propositions. Within the Centre of Excellence you’ll be the driving force that inspires and facilitates the ambassadors at the 24 locations to sell the new propositions.

As International Propositions Sales/Marketing Lead, it is your aim to make the transition from proposition to actually driving sales within the whole Bechtle organisation. You’ll stay in close contact with the ambassadors working across Europe. Are you the motivating and entrepreneurial leader that will turn this new role at Bechtle into a success?


Your new job

  • You’ll transition the new propositions to the internal organisation, by involving the ambassadors and ensuring that they energise the Account Managers at the 24 Bechtle locations.
  • You make sure that the ambassadors understand the ‘solution philosophy’ and that they also inspire the Account Managers.
  • You establish an internal and external community that serve as a flywheel for marketing propositions.
  • You continue to inspire, challenge, motivate and encourage your co-workers.
  • You take care of flyers, reference cases, digital storytelling, etc., promoting the sales activities at various locations.
  • You maintain online contact with all the locations.
  • You monitor and analyse the (sales) figures.
  • You have regular meetings to discuss with your team members.
  • If Sales needs you for appointments with customers, then you’re happy to help at a range of locations.


Your profile

  • You have at least a university of applied sciences degree.
  • You also have considerable professional sales experience within IT, so you know your way around in this industry.
  • This is a new role, hence work will not just come to you. Obviously you are very proactive and entrepreneurial!
  • You know how to inspire people around you, facilitating their jobs and involving them in the objectives.
  • You like and feel comfortable pursuing common goals.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English. Other languages are a plus.


Why work at Bechtle

  • Working at Bechtle means professionalism, but also having lots of fun together. This mix is what makes it a blast to work at our company!
  • Every Friday afternoon, you can catch up with your colleagues, while enjoying a drink on the roof terrace.
  • In addition to an excellent salary, we also offer great fringe benefits, such as 30 days leave, group insurance, pension savings and a discount on company fitness. So staying in shape at an affordable price is part of the Bechtle package!

Who is Bechtle?

We’re delighted that you’re interested in a career at Bechtle and we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about ourselves.

Our core values best describe Bechtle’s corporate culture: we are entrepreneurial, connected and experienced. That's what makes us zukunftsstark.

Bechtle has grown rapidly in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. That’s why we invest in new colleagues who perfectly suit our company. You’ll feel right at home at Bechtle, no matter which team you are in. At Bechtle, professionalism and fun go hand in hand. We share our successes.

Did you know that we are part of the listed Bechtle AG, with branches in 14 European countries? We are one of Europe’s most successful IT companies. Working at Bechtle means stability and a range of career opportunities, both in The Netherlands as well as internationally. And we are ambitious: we are aiming for revenues of 10 billion euros in 2030!

Together, we are ready for the future. At Bechtle, we build long-term partnerships with our employees, partners and customers. Will you join us?



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